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Calculator & Lexicon

The small scale LNG world uses its own words and units.
This lexicon and calculation/conversion tool will enable you to jump easily into this interesting topic.


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Boil-Off Gas, BOG
Partial evaporation of LNG

Cold embritlement
Saturation of an ambiant air vaporizer

Cold LNG
State of LNG at a pressure of 3 bar and temperature of -162°C

Compressed Natural Gas, CNG
Natural gas in its gaseous state that has been compressed

Cool down
Process to cool down equipment before use with LNG

Compact and movable station with LNG horizontal tank

Emergency Shut Down, ESD
System shall shut down the facilites to a safe state in case of an emergency situation

EXplosive ATmosphere, ATEX
Directive describing what equipment and work space is allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere

Filling process for vehicles which used LNG as fuel

Heat Exchanger, HEX
Equipment for transferring heat from one fluid to another without allowing them to mix

High Pressure, HP
More than 20 barg

International Forceourt Standards Forum, IFSF
International protocol of communication

Liquefied-to-Compressed Natural Gas, LCNG
Natural gas in its gaseous or liquid state depending where we focus on the LCNG line

Liquid Nitrogen, LIN
Nitrogen in its liquid state

Liquified Natural Gas, LNG
Natural gas in its liquid state

Low pressure, LP
Less than 20 barg

Measuring Instruments Directive, MID
Directive concerning equipment with commercial transactions

Net positive suction head, NPSH
Difference between liquid pressure at pump suction and liquid vapor pressure, expressed in terms of height of liquid column concerning pump

Non Return Valve, NRV
Valve that alows fluid, liquid or gas to flow trought only one direction

Process for trailer to fill LNG tank

Pressure Indicator, PI
Indicator of pressure

Pressure Safety Valve, PSV
Pressure safety valve are designed to open at a certain pressure

Pressure Transmitter, PT
Device that measures pressure in a liquid, fluid or a gas

Programmable Logic Controller, PLC
Programmable controller to manage process equipment

Pump Operator Panel, POP
Panel to control pumps

Saturated LNG
State of LNG at a pressure of 8 bar and a temperature of -125°C

Saturation on Demand, SATNOW
Patented equipment which manage the demand of saturated LNG

Trailer which provide LNG to the tank

Frame where our equipment can be installed

Station Control Panel, SCP
Electrical cabinet which controls equipment of the station

Storage tank
Tank where LNG is stored

Low Pressure Barrel where our submerged pump is installed

Modular and fixe station with LNG vertical tank

Temperature indicator, TI
Indicator of temperature

Temperature Transmitter, TT
Device that measures temperature in a liquid, fluid or gas

Thermal Safety Valve, TRV
Thermal safety valve relieves the overpressure in a piping/equipment exposed to sunlight

Vaporizer Ambient Exchanger, VAX
Air ambient vaporizer

Vehicle tank
Tank on vehicles where LNG (or CNG) is stored