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Cryostar supplies original quality guaranteed spare parts, individually or in the form of specific complete kits.
Our spare parts all benefit from manufacturer's warranty coverage.
We also offer solutions to optimize your spare parts management.

During specifications establishments

  • Spare parts list according to the component list of the station project. This list is based on Cryostar experience and feedback of more than 100 fueling stations supplied by Cryostar.

Once handover signed

  • Cryostar Customer Team is the dedicated service for all requirements by phone and email address (
  • Customer has 2 months access to our hotline 24h/7d to help improve your technical comprehension and adjust process parameters during the station is ramping up.
  • SMS sending option can be applied on the station in order that Cryostar team been the first interface in case of stations faults
  • HYPERCARE service option is an engineering tool, which give you a general view of your station and will significantly help you to manage your station in term of analysis and will help you to schedule offloads, maintenance intervention.

Onsite Maintenance:

In order to maintain the highest availability of the station and significant KPI’s, fueling station requires special attention, technical knowledge and Cryostar training. This point is a good balance between spare parts disposal and maintenance technician team. As Cryostar customer service is fully dedicated to their customer, they can suggest and help you for these decisions.

In term of first preventive maintenance (biweekly), Cryostar can propose two possibilities:

  • Complete maintenance which include that Cryostar schedule and assist his subcontractor
  • Assistance during maintenance intervention, Cryostar can assist and advise the subcontractor selected by the customer

Type and level of maintenance intervention:

Level 1 or preventive maintenance can be done by the maintenance team as they are trained.

Level 2 or curative maintenance requires a higher process comprehension (safety process &ATEX, electrical, pressure, mechanic) and tests which mostly as to be done or supervised by Cryostar.

Level 3 or heavy maintenance as to be schedule, managed and done with Cryostar at each step of the intervention. Ex: Pump replacement

Why Cryostar Customer service is well appreciated:

  • Quick and proactive response to all your requirements in term of technical questions or spare part quotations
  • Provide assistance solutions as 24h/7d maintenance contract, hours of remote assistance, trainings
  • Provide dedicated engineering tools as Hypercare in order to get a significant overview and help to increase station availability
  • Main spare parts are in stock and are available
  • Supply of equipment with one-year warranty. Possibility of warranty extension.

We invite you to submit your online quote request for your spare parts.