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Objectives: Helping our customers

The objective of the training sessions

  • Understand the principles of cryogenics
  • Establish the link between the principles of cryogenics, parts design and the functions of auxiliaries
  • Take part in disassembling and reassembling equipment (practical session)
  • Assembly check-lists (practical session)
  • Acquire good practices for installing, starting up, operating and shutting down the equipment
  • Understand the control-command logics, the safety systems and their effects on the process
  • Understand how the machine is integrated into the processes chain and within the customer's site
  • Master instrumentation in order to guarantee the machine's optimal operation
  • Acquire the best maintenance practices to optimize the equipment's availability and reliability

Content of training:

  • Hazard and PPE
  • Basic theory pump
  • PID, Associated System and Auxiliaries
  • Electronic control panel
  • Operation & control systems
  • Maintenance and good practices

Depending of the needs and different category of personal, Cryostar offers different training levels and duration adapted to the skill of the worker:


The above program is adapted for 5 person as a maximum to keep a high level of training and comprehension.

Your training center contact: